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Huntzen is a global recruitment platform for candidates, recruiters, and companies. Our goal is to simplify the recruitment process and the job search, keep high standards of quality and equality and minimize recruitment costs for companies.
Job opportunities in startups, vacancies in the fields of technology, construction, or engineering. It's not just a job vacancy platform. We connect clients and specialized recruiters to find the ideal candidate and remunerate everyone involved more fairly with a bonus of up to 70% of the amount paid by the client.
We work with fewer companies to fully dedicate ourselves to the quality of service.


Advertise job vacancies and get candidates selected by expert recruiters. Worry-free and at a reduced cost!


Analyze job opportunities from your favorite sectors, create your database, and receive a big bonus. All in one place!


Carefully selected job offers. Submit your resume or recommend a friend for a job and receive a monetary bonus of up to 5K.

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