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This Is How The WW3 Will Influence The Recruitment Industry!

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22 June 2022

You’ve probably heard about the Metaverse and how it will alter our experience of reality as we know it or potentially reshape every aspect of life, including business and recruitment. However, what do we mean by the Metaverse!? And how does it impact the business topography and the recruitment industry?

The Metaverse can be defined in many ways. The term Metaverse is vague and entails a broad array of connotations related to technology in general.

However, to give an idea about what the Metaverse means, we can say it is a radical shift that will transform our collective experience both in the digital and physical worlds. Simply put, the Metaverse marks a new epoch that will revolutionize our digital connectivity, e-commerce, business, and economy.

Moreover, it can be conceived as a virtual world (e-world) wherein different technologies operate together, creating a new reality of endless possibilities. This applies to every aspect of life, starting from how we socialize as people to how we communicate, work, have fun, manage businesses & corporations… etc.

Inevitably this will affect how managers/recruiters assess and hire professional candidates. So, if you’re a recruiter or a professional candidate seeking a promising career, you shouldn’t underestimate the significance of the Metaverse era!

The Metaverse Isn’t a Passing Trend! It Is The Future

After Meta (formerly Facebook) announced its new promise to the world, the Metaverse became a global interest involving major tech companies. For instance, tech giants like Alphabet, Nvidia, Roblox, Snap INC, Microsoft, and Adobe have started investing in the Metaverse!

This has encouraged other big companies around the world to invest as well. In other words, the Metaverse isn't simply hype or a passing trend on social media. It is rather a shift that will shape our future.

I know it's hard to predict the future. And as Alibaba CEO Jack Maa told Elon Musk: “99% of human predictions prove wrong…” However, it's not hard to predict that more and more companies will likely adopt Metaverse technologies into their business processes. They all go where the money goes!

In other words, it is inevitable for the recruitment industry and the pre-established global economy to adapt to the new form of reality!

If you haven’t picked it yet, rest assured that the Metaverse will also redefine what set of skills, requirements and competencies recruiters would focus on when assessing a potential candidate. So, as a professional candidate, you should consistently update your knowledge and skills to adjust to changes in the world.

Still, when I say adjust to changes, I don’t mean to the Metaverse only. What I mean is that the world is constantly changing! So, as a candidate or a high professional, you should adapt and update your expertise. Otherwise, you will be left behind!

How Will The Metaverse Impact The Recruitment Industry

Despite the fact that the impact of Covid19 is gradually wearing off, its percussion on business and recruitment is still apparent till now.

Before the virus outbreak, jobs were either listed traditionally in newspapers, or in digital platforms such as Indeed and LinkedIn. This meant that most candidates/applicants had to be interviewed and trained within a physical environment.

However, all this has changed drastically, and now both managers and recruiters have realized the effectiveness of digitization! They learned that the entire recruitment process can be managed more efficiently in a digital environment. As a result, new virtual recruitment tools are being created to help managers in recruiting and training applicants/candidates virtually.

This has led to an entire shift in the recruitment industry. And what reinforces this shift even more is the emergence of the Metaverse!

Now CEOs, managers, and employees already run businesses and work virtually. Thanks to communication media such as Zoom and Skype, they can attend meetings, interview candidates, and make business decisions from the comfort of their homes. However, this isn’t enough to compete in the Metaverse world. Businesses and companies will have to invest heavily to secure a spot in the future.

Direct Impacts of The Metaverse on Recruitment

By now, the Metaverse will have a direct influence on the recruitment industry. Unless recruitment agencies invest gradually in new virtual technologies, they will struggle to keep up in the foreseeable future.

In others words, it is a priority that they invest in virtual platforms and softwares because that’s what the future is all about! To stay relevant, companies and businesses must adapt to the Metaverse by adopting its technologies and investing in them! That’s the only way to remain relevant!

It may sound like an expensive sacrifice, but it will pay off eventually. That’s because VR facilities will save companies a lot of money spent on interviewing, training, travels for meetings and will shorten the recruitment duration itself.

The outcome is a lower cost of hiring candidates by a notable amount while facilitating a more efficient recruitment process.

Moreover, the Metaverse will impact the expertise, skills, and qualifications selection criteria companies look for. Therefore, it directly influences potential candidates/applicants in terms of what set of skills and expertise they should acquire.

That said, as a candidate, you should update your skill set, knowledge, and expertise to adjust to this new world. It’s a fact! The future doesn’t wait for anyone, and to survive you need to adapt.

Necessary Skills in The Age of the Metaverse

In these times of change, common skills won’t be enough to have a promising career. So, your best allies are adaptability, creativity, and the ability to learn. Nevertheless, some skills are much needed in this era.

For example, individuals with IT versatility and tech expertise will be favored by recruiters of digital companies for sure. What proves this is that 75% of jobs in the future will be digital. Additionally, graphic designers, engineers, crypto & blockchain experts, and programmers will be in more demand than ever.

Summing Up

Again, no one is certain about how the Metaverse will change the recruitment industry. Still, the impacts of Covid19 and the digitization of the business world can give us a good idea about the future of the Metaverse. Thus, both recruiters and candidates need to adapt and acquire the required skills in the age of WW3! So, don’t get left behind.

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