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What Is Recruitment Marketing and How Do I Get Started?

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Human Resources

07 September 2022

Employees make every organization tick. They are responsible for the seamless management of business-related tasks and activities. So, getting the right people into your organization is vital for its growth.

However, hiring the right candidates for your company can be complex. Sometimes, recruitment teams hire people who do not particularly fit the bill for the organization. Top talents are frequently passive applicants who already have a job but are open to better opportunities.

To ensure you hire top talents, adopt strategies that attract the best talents to your organization.

This is where recruitment marketing enters the picture. That’s because it is the process of developing and conveying an organization's employer brand and employee value proposition to attract and hire top talent.

It has become a popular method for businesses seeking to hire the best individuals for the job.

In this article, we will go through the specifics of recruitment marketing and how to start with your first recruitment marketing plan.

Shall we?

                           More about Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is about of selling to and attracting talented persons to your firm. The primary purpose of recruitment marketing is to encourage people to apply for open positions at your organization.

In simple terms, it is a set of methods used by businesses to attract the best employees. Some of these techniques include job postings, social media, emails, career sites, proactive marketing, and targeted advertisements.

Recruitment Marketing Takes Care of


When candidates first become aware of your organization or job position.


When candidates research on your firm and read your employer branding content to determine if they are interested or befitting to join your organization!


When candidates have done enough research to establish their interest in applying for a position or contacting the company.

You may make this process easier by using a recruiting marketing platform like Huntzen or PageUp. These platforms streamline the recruitment process and allow you to assemble a team of top talent.

Benefits of Recruitment Marketing :

- It helps organizations create an impactful employer brand, not merely one with broad appeal.

- With targeted advertising and communication, they can divide applicants into talent networks.

- They can reach out to audiences on a large scale and learn what content they're interested in.

- Brands get to optimize their career sites to attract and convert qualified prospects.

- They can grow talent pools to keep them active all year.

                        A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Started

1. Set Goals

Before you embark on recruitment marketing, you need set clear and measurable goals. Without this, you could end up hiring applicants who don’t quite fit the bill.

Your goal could be to grow your job applicant pool, increase web traffic to your career site, improve job acceptance rates, or improve the quality of hire. Whatever goals you set, set a time frame for when you aim to achieve them. This will keep you on track, will give you an idea about what’s working and what ought to be changed.

2. Develop Personas

Before beginning your recruitment marketing, you need to identify your ideal candidate. Then create a persona that fits the positions you are looking to fill. So, a persona is the semi-fictional representation of your right candidate.

You may already have an idea about the type of candidates and employees you want to have. So, take time to create personalized candidate personas that you can use to guide your recruitment process. Create an image of a candidate that will fit not only your job but also fit your company’s culture.

To develop personas, you can get inspired from other companies about how they create personas for their target candidates. Find out what they are saying and offering. Then, try to build your own voice that reflects your brand identity.

3. Identify Promotion Channels

Identifying a medium to promote your employer's brand is another step in developing your recruitment marketing.

Your company's career site, job boards, social media, and emails are all channels you can utilize for recruitment marketing.

You can't possibly cover all of them, especially in the early stages of your recruiting marketing efforts.

So, focus your promotion on channels that your ideal candidates spend time on. With this, you the most effective channels for your recruitment marketing plan while targeting potential candidates directly.

4. Create Content for Recruitment

Once you've determined your ideal prospects and where to discover them, you need to develop content that appeals to them.

Excellent content highlights your 'Employee Value Proposition.' It should introduce applicants to your organization and what you have to offer. This will allow them to decide whether they want to be a part of it.

The personalities you are attempting to reach should now dictate the type of material you develop. So, you should generate material that speaks to them and distribute it through channels where they can find it.

When creating material for diverse personas, do not employ a one-size-fits-all strategy; it will be less effective.

Use personalized marketing concepts to reach each target persona. Then develop a plan to ensure you fulfill your goals and deadlines.

You can create a content calendar and a workflow. Determine which blog entries, videos, testimonials, and social media postings should be posted for each persona.

5. Evaluate Your Progress

It’s important to compare your set goals with your entire recruitment strategy to assess your progress. This will allow you to make more informed judgments on how to improve your recruiting marketing.

You can use many measures to determine how well your marketing initiatives are doing. Conversion rates, engagement analytics, and budget can all be tracked.

You can also solicit feedback from employees and candidates. This will help you learn about their individual experiences with your recruitment marketing.

6. Automate Your Recruitment Marketing.

Make your recruitment marketing hassle-free by using the right platform.

Huntzen can help you optimize your recruitment marketing. Huntzen streamlines the recruitment process for businesses in a variety of industries.

One significant advantage of using Huntzen is that it acts as a platform for both recruiters and applicants. As a result, clients relate to professional recruiters. This helps identify the appropriate individual while maintaining high quality and equality standards.

Recruitment costs for companies on Huntzen are minimized. We remunerate everyone involved with a bonus of up to 70% of the amount paid.

Final thoughts

Recruitment marketing is now becoming a must-have for hiring teams that want to gain a competitive advantage. Candidates' expectations have also become higher than ever.

So, to put your best foot forward, incorporate these steps, and begin attracting, nurturing, and hiring talented individuals for your organization.

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