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Discover the top 7 qualities that make a good recruiter

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05 January 2023

The role of a recruiter is to source, evaluate and hire the best talent for a company. Thus, it requires a unique combination of skills, experience, and in-depth knowledge of the recruitment industry. From understanding the job market to forging strong relationships with potential candidates and co-workers - a good recruiter needs to have a sharp eye for talent and the ability to match the right people with the right job.

However, the question that remains is what makes  a good recruiter? Or, what are the qualities and skills that define a good recruiter?

Well, in today’s article, we will attempt to answer the above questions and more.

So, stick till the end!

7 must-have qualities that make a good recruiter

If we consider good employees as the lifeblood of any successful company, then good recruiters are the heart that pumps that blood. I know that this allegory might be a bit lousy, but you get the idea!

Behind every successful company, there is a group of successful recruiters who find, evaluate, and hire the right people. This means that good recruiters are an indispensable currency for the success of any organization. However, to become a successful recruiter, you need to have a set of qualities and skills. And, that’s what we’re going to explore below:

1. Effective communication skills

This is among the most essential skills a good recruiter must have. In fact, it’s unlikely to find a successful recruiter without strong communication skills. That’s because to succeed at this job, you need to communicate effectively with different clients, candidates, and managers - either face-to-face or via phone, email, and other virtual means.

Also, another reason why being a good communicator is essential can be attributed to the nature of recruitment itself. As you know, a part of being a recruiter includes declining a candidate’s application, telling a jobseeker that their experience isn’t sufficient…, etc. Accordingly, to handle these delicate situations properly, you need to be a great people-person and communicator.

2. Good listening skills

Talking and communicating effectively isn’t the only part of being a good recruiter. That’s because successful recruiters should also be good & active listeners. Good listening skills help you navigate through conversations, gather information, and benefit from the perspectives of others. As a result, this allows for building strong relationships with co-workers and candidates alike.

Usually, recruiters are expected to always talk more, but this isn’t true. As a recruiter, you should also listen carefully and actively to candidates, co-workers, and clients. A good example is that when you actively listen to your clients & candidates, it becomes easier to understand what each party wants. Thus, your job of matching the right candidates with the right clients/roles becomes easier and more effective.

3. Confidence

We can say safely that confidence is a crucial and valuable skill in every industry and domain. However, it is essential in the recruitment industry - no wonder most recruiters are extroverts (this is not to say that introverts aren’t confident either).

Your role as a recruiter includes interacting and networking with clients, hiring managers, and candidates. Therefore, you should be able to communicate confidently and make difficult decisions - and this requires confidence in your abilities and judgment.

Also, confidence can be very helpful when it comes to facing challenges and solving problems. Sometimes, you might be tasked to find the best candidates for a company or industry that you know too little about. So, being confident in your skills and experience can give you a boost to handle the situation properly.

4. Patience

In recruitment, things don’t always go as planned, and life happens occasionally. In other words, work doesn’t always go smoothly, and you might encounter some pitfalls along the way. For instance, finding the right fit for a role can sometimes take a lot of time and hard work. Also, you may find yourself pressured to fill a vacant role as fast as possible, which isn’t always easy. Or, your clients may call you at the last minute, telling you that they need to reschedule the interview. Accordingly, situations like these can make you feel frustrated and disheartened, and here is where patience is most needed.

Being patient helps you keep going no matter how difficult the situation is. It provides you with a positive attitude that makes you flexible and adaptive to different circumstances & challenges.

Patience is your best ally on bad days. So, learn to be patient!

5. Data-driven

In this day and age, every industry relies on data to optimize for success, and recruitment is no exception. Therefore, recruiters must be data-driven; meaning they should be able to analyze data and exploit it to improve their recruitment processes. This also includes the ability to measure KPIs/metrics and inform effective decisions that make hiring efficient and effective for companies.

6. Marketing & sales skills

Being a good recruiter is all about being a good marketer. After all, your role is to target and attract the best candidates for your company and sell them a job. Here is where marketing skills come in handy - as they help you improve lead generation, ads reach, and job advertising.

More importantly, to succeed as a recruiter you should also be a good salesman with a pitch that sells. For instance, if you cannot convince your clients that your service is good or convince candidates that the job you’re offering is promising, then you’re failing at your job. Therefore, you should learn to sell your services to clients and sell jobs to the best candidates possible - this is the only way to keep your business going and grow as a recruiter.

7. Good networking skills

The whole recruitment game revolves around networking and building strong relationships with highly qualified individuals - who can be potential hires or clients in the future. In other words, recruitment is about connecting with different clients and job seekers while forging strong and lasting relationships with them. In return, this helps you develop industry connections and identify potential candidates and talent. But to do all of this successfully, strong networking skills are a must-have requirement.

Final thoughts

Short and sweet, being a good & effective recruiter requires a variety of skills and qualities. And, we’ve outlined some of them above. However, the aforementioned qualities and skills can be learned and honed over time. Accordingly, good recruiters aren’t born, they’re made. Thus, through practice, experience, and time, every recruiter can become good, better, and greater!

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