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How To Find A Job Quickly

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30 January 2022

When it comes to tips and ways about how to find a job, everyone would have something to say. But if they were effective, how come many people are still searching, day and night, for an opportunity that is suitable for them?   

If you are in the market looking for a job, you will find many offers that promise the world and beyond to have you with their team. Even if you check all the requirements boxes, you are still not accepted. That is if they replied to you. Do you think the issue is in your application? It could be. 

That is why we gathered this list of tips to get you the job of your dreams. So, let’s dive right in.

1. You don’t need to find a job you love NOW!

Here is the thing that you will not hear very often: if you are still at the beginning of your career, you don’t need to find a job that you love right away. Obsessing over enjoying a specific job on day one is a mistake that led many people to be jobless for years.

You should focus on finding a job that requires the skills you have been developing over the years. Also, a job that would look great on your CV in the next five years. Direct your attention to how to be a great member of a company instead of how you are going to love doing the functions of this job.  

Get your foot in the door of the company first, and then other doors will start opening.

2. Make yourself an OBVIOUS fit

It’s important to know that the person who may review your CV can be someone that understands very little the nuances of the job you are applying for. In other words, if you are not very clear about your skills and abilities, your CV may end up in the neglected folder.

Also, and thanks to technology, many companies, that receive many applicants, depend on machines to pick out the best ones that the humans “deserve” to see. If your application is not clear enough, it will automatically end up in a black hole and never seen by the recruiters. So, make it easy for both the machines and humans by mirroring the words they have used in the job description to help them see that you are what they are looking for.

3. Don’t immediately apply when you find a job

We are not saying that you should wait days, we are saying that you shouldn’t apply before researching the company, the employees, and even reaching out to someone working there to look for a bit of advice. There’s nothing wrong with that. It is a wise move!

Linkedin and other websites can provide you with every piece of information you need. Once you know enough, you can email or text the person you might think would be more of a help. Ask them about the job and the challenges, and they may tell you about the job opening themselves. That’s where you can give them your application and ensure they get into the right hands.

4. Online applications are not enough

We know that the most convenient way to find a job is through online applications, which is true, but not enough!

When you find an interesting job, and you know you can be a great fit. Send out your CV and head over to the recruiter’s private messages to ask a few questions. Or anyone that may influence your way to get that interview. It’s the perfect way to set yourself apart from other candidates and guarantee an interview.

5. Keep updating your CV and Linkedin

Sure, your CV looks great, as well as your Linkedin profile. However, you should not be afraid (or too lazy) to modify them according to the companies you are interested to work with. It would be fun; switching a few key terms and swapping bullet points here and there.

Important note: when making edits on your Linkedin profile, make sure to not be connected to your current boss or colleagues because that will get them suspicious, which can risk your current position.

6. A thank you can get you a long way

Many people think that remaining “professional” means applying, doing the interview, and then waiting patiently by the phone without saying a single word.

Remember that, after all, those people who are responsible for hiring you are still humans. And if you were competing head-to-head with other candidates, and they said thank you after the interview. Well, they have much better chances to get the job than you.

It will take you only a few minutes to send an email to those who interview you that shows your appreciation for the time they are investing to have you on board. Just make sure that your gratitude is not expressed robotically, though. It has to be unique and genuine for each interviewer, and of course, they have to be sent shortly after the interview.

Last but not least, keep in mind that the interviewer cares far more about what you can do for them than what you want. Once your worth has been established, they will care about what you desire. So as long as you are in the interview, you must demonstrate why hiring you would be a wise investment.

It is now up to you to show your next job recruiter how awesome you are!

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