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The Best Digital Job Opportunities in 2022

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23 February 2022

 There is no doubt that the internet has brought about a real revolution in our lives in such a short period! People can now hunt for a job opportunity or even build an entire business from the comfort of their homes.

If we search for the best job opportunities at present, we will find that a large number of them are conducted online or even remotely, especially businesses related to programming and digital marketing…

Needless to say, one of the major motives that draw efficient individuals to work on the internet is the flexibility and growth room the digital world offers! Finding new opportunities can sometimes be one click away with services like Huntzen.

So, let’s take a look at the best digital job opportunities for the year 2022!

Top Digital Job Opportunities in 2022:

Though the internet offers growth room and flexibility, staying up to date with new market demands and adapting to change is vital to success. It’s for this reason that we saw we talk about the best digital job opportunities in 2022:


As the global economy is shifting rapidly from cash and physically real shops to digital currencies and e-stores, the demand for cybersecurity is growing super fast this decade!

Think of a cybersecurity specialist as a police officer! Without him or her, chaos may arise and people would lose their properties .The only difference is that a cybersecurity specialist uses codes and programming languages to protect digital properties or users from malware and hacks.

Cybersecurity is believed to always be on a rise as long as we’re emerging into the digitization of existence in the next few decades!

NFT Trading / NFT Creating

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. It’s simply a piece of digital art that is valuable because it appeals to a large audience (classic pop art rule).

Creating and/or trading NFTs in the Open Sea market is growing very fast in the past few years! The very first NFT was only sold in 2014, but the industry now is worth +10 billion Euros!

Designers and digital artists have always had good jobs. But NFTs and the Metaverse have even made their job more rewarding!

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the act of promoting products, services, and/or ideas in the digital world. It’s mostly connected to internet marketing, but digital marketing goes on to include TV advertisements and video games… etc, rather than just internet networks.

Tens of different skills and job titles rest under the shade of digital marketing including:

• SEO: or Search Engine Optimization. It’s the most in-demand digital marketing skill nowadays because it’s a long-term cheap investment that brings great results.

• Copywriting: The ability to appeal to an audience through words and selling them an idea or a product is no easy task. That’s why professional copywriters are paid extremely fairly!

• Social Media Management: Using social media algorithms to promote content and increase inbound lead generation is a powerful skill that not any marketer possesses. Even an average inexperienced social media manager makes no less than €30,000 a year.

Cloud Computing

If there’s one lesson that the pandemic has taught the economy, it would be the necessity to move as much activity as possible online. Cloud computing solves the problem of disconnectivity by developing a digital infrastructure where employees of a company can seamlessly exchange data.

The average income of a sophisticated cloud computing engineer is around €85,000 a year, but well-versed and experienced ones can make no less than €120,000!


DevOps is a hybrid word that blends Development and Operations. And following this basic definition, we can understand that DevOps stands for merging the Development team with the Operations management one to increase a software production company’s deployment pace.

A DevOps engineer studies the entire body of a company and creates a program by which problems and code errors are less likely to occur & more likely to be addressed and corrected faster. This in de-mand role earns its holder no less than €65,000 a year!

Extended Reality (XR)

Extended Reality refers to all the technologies involved in the VR world. This includes designing, 3D designing, Animating, and programming.

As we mentioned countless times, we are shifting into a digital metaverse, the current XR market value is expected to rise from €32 billion in 2021 to reach €104 billion by the end of 2025!

We know it’s massive growth and feels like a fairytale prediction. But the rise of 5G and 6G technologies will make augmented reality and activity in the digital world easier and faster than electricity in human nerves! And this instant exchange of information and data would enable a doctor from Taiwan to do a sensitive kidneys surgery for a kid in New York and save his life without leaving the hospital where he works!

The point is: XR is the future! And the most sought-after skill in this industry is coding and programming.

A VR programmer for instance makes no less than €130,000 a year! Experience and sophistication can and do certainly increase the salary!


Although we’re noticing a great decline in the digital value of cryptocurrencies in 2022, it takes a no-brainer to know that it’s a relatively short period until the market adapts to the NFT and Metaverse’s needs and rises again.

This makes blockchain engineering not only a valuable skill but also a futuristic one to learn in 2022.

Being versed in operations, designing, development, coding, and supporting a distributed blockchain network makes a blockchain engineer a complete package and earns him/her no less than €90,000 a year.

Wrap up

There certainly are enough job opportunities for everyone whether in the digital world or the real one. But landing a good one may be no easy task without us! So, don’t hesitate to sign up today and get a Huntzen account so that we review your application, and our recruiters will connect you with the right employer and get you the right position!

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