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High outsourcing recruitment costs?

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Is your company part of a competitive industry, and are you tired of paying 20% or even 18%? You don't need to look any further!
Recruitment in the areas of technology, engineering, or civil construction? On Huntzen, you will find the ideal candidate without worries and at a reduced cost.

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Logistics and Distribution

Information Technology

Human Resources

Environmental Engineering

Civil Construction

Call-Center and Help-Desk

Banking and Insurance

Benefits Huntzen

Finding the right candidate is increasingly complex and involves very high recruitment costs. With Huntzen this reality will change!

We rely on a network of certified Huntzen recruiters working on your job offers and we work with less companies to focus on your job offers.

We select recruiters and candidates so that our platform makes a difference and the whole process simpler.

You can manage job advertisements, control the recruitment process, and receive detailed profiles from specialized and certified recruiters

  • Less than 18% of annual gross salary
  • Certified recruiters focused on your job offers
  • Selection of candidates and recruiters
  • National and international market sectors