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With HuntZen it's not difficult to find candidates for job offers.

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Freelance IT Recruiter? Construction? Environmental engineering? Startups?
We believe that you can focus on your favorite sectors, whether in the national or international market, without looking for customers. That part leaves it to us, we'll take care of it for you!

Popular Sectors

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Logistics and Distribution

Information Technology

Human Resources

Environmental Engineering

Civil Construction

Call-Center and Help-Desk

Banking and Insurance

Benefits Huntzen

After registering and getting certification through an interview, HuntZen offers you exclusive access to a database composed of dozens of companies and candidates. That means more time to bring value to the recruiting process.

You can work with national or international job offers anywhere and create your database.

You don't have to look for clients, and you still get a 70% bonus of the fee paid by the client for every hired profile found by you.

  • Get a 70% bonus for your recruited candidate
  • Create your database
  • National and international market sectors
  • Access anywhere in the world