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  1. Who we are

We are HUNTZEN, Unipessoal Lda, Sociedade Unipessoal por Quotas with a share capital of 15,000.00 euros, with registered office at Rua dos Lusíadas 5 5b, 1300-365 Lisbon, Portugal and holder of the collective person identification number and registration 516481320 (hereinafter "HUNTZEN", "we", "our") and these are the HUNTZEN General Conditions of Sale and Use (GCSU).

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read our GCSU of the Site https://HUNTZEN.co (hereinafter "Site"), published by the HUNTZEN company.

These GCSU contain important information for you as a User of our Site and purchaser of our services and apply to all services used or purchased on our Site.

If you have any questions about these GCSU, please contact us by post at Rua dos Lusíadas 5 5b, 1300-365 Lisbon, Portugal, by email at geral@huntzen.co or by telephone on the following numbers:

  • PT phone number: +351 21 111 9967
  • French phone number: +33 (0)1 84 19 26 61.

  1. Applicability of the GCSU
  1. The use of this Site, any related subdomains and all related services, products, offers and services is expressly subject to your acceptance of these GCSU. By using our Site or benefiting from one of our services, the User ("Client", "Recruiter" or "Candidate") automatically accepts and abides, without reservation or exception, by these GCSU, including future modifications announced on our Site or otherwise notified.
  2. HUNTZEN has the right to modify the GCSU at any time with no prior notice. The modified GCSU will be applied when made available on the page of the Site, without any other required formality. The User is deemed to have accepted the new GCSU. For this reason, the User is encouraged to regularly consult the GCSU.
  3. If the User does not approve or agree with these GCSU, he or she may not use or access the Site, or make use of HUNTZEN’s services. No inconsistency in the interpretation of these GCSU can be held against HUNTZEN.

  1. Intellectual Property
  1. All content published on the Site (including logos, registered brands, copyright, etc.) is the exclusive intellectual property of HUNTZEN, and without the express authorization of HUNTZEN it cannot be distributed, modified, or used in any way. Any copying, distribution, commercialization, or transformation of the contents which has not been expressly authorized by their owners constitutes an infringement of the intellectual and industrial property rights protected by law. HUNTZEN may exercise all appropriate administrative, civil, or criminal actions in the case of violation of these rights by the client.
  2. Access to and use of the Site and services does not imply any transfer of ownership under any title whatsoever.

  1. Site Content
  1. On the Site, the User has the option to subscribe to the HUNTZEN’s Services. The User can access, through the Site, a description of the essential characteristics of the services in accordance with their profile (Client, Recruiter, Candidate) and the concept underlying their development.
  2. These services are available in Portuguese, French and English.

  1. Site’s Conditions of Use
  1. By using the Site and accepting these GCSU, the User declares that, in his/her country of residence, he/she is of legal age and that the use of the HUNTZEN’s services is legal in his/her place of residence or subscription.
  2. HUNTZEN guarantees that all the contents and services offered on the Site respect the principle of the dignity of the human being, the principle of non-discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, opinions, nationality, disability or any other data, as well as the principle of the protection of youth and childhood.
  3. The User undertakes to make good use of the contents and services of the Site, which may never be used for illegal activities or activities contrary to public order, national defence, or public health. Any use by the User of the content and services must respect the principles set out in the previous paragraph.
  4. The User is expressly authorised to view all the information contained on the Site, as well as to make private copies of it on its operating systems, provided that these contents are for its exclusive use and are not subsequently conveyed to third parties.

  1. General information and service supply
  1. All information on the Site and in any other written document issued by HUNTZEN has been prepared with care and seriousness. However, HUNTZEN cannot guarantee that all information is correct, complete and/or up to date. HUNTZEN retains the right to modify any information on the Site or in any other written document without prior notice. It is the responsibility of the User to check all information in case of modification.
  2. HUNTZEN retains the right, at any time and without assuming any liability on the part of the User or third parties, to modify the services offered and to withdraw services from its offer.
  3. HUNTZEN retains the right, at any time and without justification, to restrict or entirely discontinue the supply of services to a Client, Recruiter or Candidate in certain specific countries or regions.
  4. All information transmitted by HUNTZEN on the Site, or otherwise, in relation to its services, is intended to provide general information only, and should not be interpreted as financial, technical or legal knowledge or advice.
  5. Any decision taken by the User in relation to the use of the HUNTZEN services on the basis of the information offered by HUNTZEN on the Site is the User's personal responsibility and should be taken at the User's own risk.
  6. HUNTZEN cannot guarantee that the Site and the services will be free of errors and provided in an uninterrupted manner. HUNTZEN regularly carries out maintenance or development operations on its Site to ensure that it is up to date and functioning correctly. HUNTZEN reserves the right, as part of these developments and updates, to remove functionalities and/or options. HUNTZEN is not responsible in case of difficulty in accessing or using the services resulting from updates and developments. In case of loss of service or interruptions, the User may contact HUNTZEN to try to find a viable solution.

  1. User Profiles of the Site and Services

The use and access to the Service will be differentiated according to the User's profile: Client, Recruiter or Candidate.

"Client" means any legal entity under private or public law, registered on the Site, advertising on the Site to receive applications through the accounts of Recruiters or Candidates.

"Recruiter" means any natural or legal person, registered on the Site, who is a recruitment professional, intending to submit Candidates to the Companies that have posted an Advertisement on the Site. Only those who have recruitment experience or recruitment training may be a Recruiter (and therefore claim the Award).

"Candidate" means any natural person who has been recommended by a Recruiter and who has agreed to be potentially contacted by the Client.

  1. Service Description

  1. To the Client: Through its Site, HUNTZEN allows the Client to register, publish adverts, modify them and communicate with Recruiters and Candidates through the dedicated platform, as well as allowing them to organise their recruitments.
  2. To the Recruiter: HHUNTZEN allows, through its Site, the Recruiter to register, process the Curriculum Vitae (CV) received and send the CVs corresponding to the adverts presented by the Clients. In addition, Recruiters can receive bonuses when they have participated in the recruitment of a Client.
  3. our le Candidat : HUNTZEN allows, through its Site, Candidates to register, send a CV and organize themselves through the dedicated platform, and receive bonuses if the CV sent is recruited within 6 months.

  1. Service Access

HUNTZEN endeavours to allow access to the site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in the case of force majeure or events beyond its control, and subject to possible breakdowns and maintenance interventions necessary for the proper functioning of the Site and services.

To this extent, HUNTZEN cannot guarantee the availability of the site and/or services, the reliability of the transmissions and the performance in terms of time of response or quality. No technical assistance is provided to the User, either by electronic or telephone means.

HUNTZEN cannot be held liable if it is impossible to access the Site and/or make use of the services.

Furthermore, HUNTZEN may be obliged to discontinue the Site or part of the services, at any time, without prior notice, all without right to compensation, the User acknowledging and accepting that HUNTZEN is not liable for the interruptions, and for the consequences that may result for the User or any third party.

A utilização e o acesso ao Serviço serão diferenciados de acordo com o perfil do Utilizador: Cliente, Recrutador ou Candidato.

To access the Service, the User must connect to the Site and enter his or her e-mail address and password.

Some HUNTZEN resources are accessible free of charge, others are subject to payment. The financial conditions are described in section L below of the GCSU.

  1. J. Client, Recruiter and Candidate Registration

Any legal person or public entity, duly represented, as well as any natural person of legal age and legal capacity, is authorised to register on the Site. Registration is required to access the Service.

At the end of registration, an identifier (i.e. email address or first name and surname) and a password must be chosen by the Client, the Recruiter and/or the Candidate. The username and password are completely confidential and personal and should never be disclosed to any third party.

With the exception of a technical breakdown of the Site, manifestly attributable to HUNTZEN, the Client, the Recruiter, the Candidate are responsible for the use of their account and their identification data by third parties and for the measures taken by intermediaries who would use their personal data.

It is impossible for the Site to verify the accuracy of the identity of persons registering on the Site. If a User is uncertain about the improper and unauthorised use of their Identification Data by third parties, they should inform HUNTZEN as soon as possible.

The Client, the Recruiter and/or the Candidate guarantee that the information required from Users by the Site and communicated by them at the time of their registration ("Identification Data") is accurate and corresponds to reality. They are obliged to: (i) make changes to the Site in their personal spaces; and (ii) communicate any modification of the Identification Data to the person in charge of the Site.

For security and data protection measures, HUNTZEN will eliminate the accounts of Clients, Recruiters and/or Candidates that have no activity, or no credit or debit, for a period of one year.

The Recruiter must be a recruitment professional to qualify for and subscribe to the Service. HUNTZEN cannot be held liable for a Recruiter who engages in an activity, whether remunerated or not, which is incompatible with the submission of Candidates or which is subject to legal or contractual prohibitions or restrictions. The Recruiter is responsible for the Candidates he or she knowingly submits and will be held accountable for his or her rapports before the competent courts.

  1. Use of the messaging/emails service

Clients, Recruiters and Candidates have at their disposal an internal messaging/email service on the Site. This service facilitates and enables the exchange and communication between Clients, Recruiters and Candidates within the recruitment process and the applications selected by Recruiters in relation to an advertisement.

As the recipient, HUNTZEN controls the use of the electronic messages exchanged, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

Once registered on the Site, Clients, Recruiters and Candidates are prohibited from using the messaging/email system for non-professional purposes.

  1. Prices and terms of payment
  1. All prices indicated by HUNTZEN in the Site and in other written documents issued by HUNTZEN are indicated exclusive of VAT, which will be added to the legal rate in force on the day on which the corresponding invoice is issued. All invoices are payable in euros. All costs included in the price are clearly indicated. Additional charges may arise, which will be indicated separately and are to be paid by the Client, Recruiter or Candidate.
  2. HUNTZEN retains the right to change prices at any time without prior notice.
  3. Accepted payment methods are specified on the Site. HUNTZEN retains the right to change these payment methods at any time, at its discretion.
  4. As far as possible, HUNTZEN takes all reasonable precautions to ensure the security of payment data. In the absence of negligence on the part of HUNTZEN, it cannot be held liable for any damage that the User may suffer if a third party obtains unauthorized access to any data provided by the latter during access and registration on the site. The User confirms that the credit or debit account used is his/her own. All holders of credit/debit cards and other means of payment accepted on the Site are subject to validation and authorisation checks by the payment administrator. If the issuer of your payment card or the operator of your alternative payment method refuses or does not authorise HUNTZEN, for any reason, to collect the amounts due, HUNTZEN cannot be held liable for any delay or failure to provide services.
  5. Specific financial conditions according to the User's profile:
  • To the Client:
    • Invoices should be paid in accordance with the conditions laid down in the contracts signed between HUNTZEN and the Client.
    • Invoices should be paid within 30 days of receipt of the invoices sent by HUNTZEN staff.
    • Payment should be made by bank transfer.
  • To the Recruiter:
    • The Recruiter will receive 70% of what the Client has paid to HUNTZEN for the recruitment carried out by the Recruiter, this for any profile that has been retrieved and sent to a Client by a Recruiter through the HUNTZEN Site.
    • The recruitment of a Candidate who has been referred by a Recruiter whose CV or contact has been retrieved via the HUNTZEN Site confers on the holder a reduced award of 20% which will be paid by HUNTZEN.
    • Payment will be made by bank transfer once the trial period at the Client is validated by the Candidate recruited.
  • To the Candidate:
    • When a User sends a CV under the profile "Candidate" and the CV is recruited by a Client, HUNTZEN undertakes to pay the Candidate 50% of what the recruiting Client paid to HUNTZEN.
    • Payment will be made by bank transfer once the trial period at the Client is validated by the recruited Candidate.

  1. Duties and Liabilities

Duties and liabilities by HUNTZEN

HUNTZEN undertakes to implement all necessary means to guarantee the supply of the Service in the best way possible.

In order to preserve the quality of the Site, HUNTZEN reserves the right to refuse a Client, an advertisement, a Recruiter or a Candidate at its sole discretion.

In the event of breach of the GCSU by a User, HUNTZEN may immediately and unilaterally terminate the registration of any Client, Recruiter or Candidate, by simple electronic notification, without prejudice to any damages that HUNTZEN may claim as compensation for the breach.

HUNTZEN cannot be held liable in case of misuse of the Service by the User, or theft or impairment of their connection information.

Furthermore, HUNTZEN cannot be held liable for (i) the content of the advertisements, (ii) the content of the Identification Data and Personal Data, (iii) the total or partial non-fulfilment of an obligation and/or non-fulfilment of the operators of the social networks through which the User is connected to the Site, and (iv) the total or partial non-fulfilment of an obligation and/or non-fulfilment of the operators of the networks to the Internet world and in particular their access provider(s).

HUNTZEN can only be held liable in the event of proven fault on the part of the User resulting from non-compliance with its contractual obligations defined herein and only for direct damage suffered by the User.

This excludes indirect damages such as loss of profits, loss of opportunity, commercial or financial loss, increase in general costs or damages arising or resulting from the execution of these.

Duties and liabilities by the Client

Obligation to notify HUNTZEN of interviews with Candidates with feedback allowing, in the case of a non corresponding profile, to subsequently send more suitable profiles.

Obligation to notify HUNTZEN of any recruitment carried out with a candidate sent by HUNTZEN.

Duties and liabilities by the Recruiter

Obligation to notify HUNTZEN when a Candidate is recruited.

Obligation to send CVs with a report to fill Client positions, specifying that the CVs sent should correspond to the Client's search.

Duties and liabilities by the Candidate

Obligation to inform HUNTZEN when there is a recruitment or interview.

Obligation to send a CV that corresponds to the job description for which the CV has been sent.

  1. Liability Exclusion
  1. To the maximum extent permitted by law, all liability of HUNTZEN or its affiliated companies is excluded for losses or other damages suffered by the User on the basis of or in connection with the conclusion of a contract for the provision and use of the services offered on the HUNTZEN Site.
  2. The Client, Recruiter or Candidate accepts that the use of the services offered by HUNTZEN is at their own risk.
  3. The Client, Recruiter or Candidate cannot make a claim if the breach has been caused by misuse or accident attributable to them.
  4. Delays, inadequate performance or failure to perform all or part of the services in the event of Force Majeure, including, without limitation, fire, flood, strikes, regulations or demands of public force, or any other inevitable, unforeseeable event beyond the control of HUNTZEN may not give rise to compensation. The provisions of this Article shall not, however, in any case relieve either party from the obligation to pay the other any amount due.

  1. Services to Users

If you have any questions, comments or complaints regarding the Site or HUNTZEN services, please contact Customer Service by phone or email geral@huntzen.co. HUNTZEN will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.

  1. Applicable Law and Competent Jurisdiction
  1. The contractual relationship between HUNTZEN and the User under these GCSU is subject to Portuguese material law, unless the rules of the law of the User's country of residence with regard to the specific application of a provision are mandatory under the law of the User's country of residence.
  2. In the event of difficulties in the interpretation or execution of the GCSU, the User and HUNTZEN will endeavour to resolve the dispute amicably within thirty (30) calendar days from the date on which one of the parties notifies the other of the difficulty, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.
  3. Any judicial or arbitral dispute arising from the contractual relationship between HUNTZEN and the User under the terms of these GCSU, or in relation to them, will be submitted to the Portuguese courts.

  1. Contact

The Site is operated by HUNTZEN, Unipessoal Lda, Sociedade Unipessoal por Quotas with registered office at Rua dos Lusíadas 5 5b, 1300-365 Lisboa, Portugal. If you have any questions about the Site and its content, please contact our customer service on the telephone numbers +351 21 111 9967 or +33 (1) 84 19 26 61, or by email geral@huntzen.co.